Product Comparison: L’oreal Decrease vs. Milani Eyeshadow Primer

With so many eye shadow primers on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose. In this post, I am comparing my experiences with the L’Oreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base and the Milani Eye Shadow Primer.


The drugstore beauty department has not always been notorious for having stellar eyeshadow primers. When I ran out of my MAC paintpot in Rubenesque, I was on the search for a cheaper alternative which led me to pick up L’oreal Decrease at Target. I had read and watched various reviews on Youtube regarding this particular product and came to find that some people LOVED this product while others could do without it.

L’Oreal Decrease Eyeshadow base claims to prevent creasing or fading and extends wear up to 8 hours. To apply this product, you use the dough-foot applicator to place the product on your eyelid and blend it in using your finger.

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The packaging of this product was compact, durable and clean-looking, but nothing to be wow-ed by. The applicator is a dough-foot applicator that is angled upwards (which was helpful in scraping out the last bits of product). This made for very easy application, however, uneven. When first applying primer to one eye, there never seemed to be enough product on the applicator to cover my entire lid up to my brow bone. However, when I would dip the applicator back into the container before applying primer to the second eye, there seemed to be an excess amount of primer on the applicator. As the product began to dry out, it became more difficult to get any product out of the container. While the angle applicator greatly helped in getting out more product, you can see from the outside of the container that there was a lot of dried product left inside.

Since I do have slightly oily eyelids, it did not last me 8 hours. I would notice creasing towards the inner part of my eyes after around 4 hours. Any eyeshadow that I used over top Decrease remained true to color; nothing seemed to come off more vibrant or bold. The packaging also suggests to wear L’oreal Decrease alone. On my lazy-makeup days I did just that but, due to my slightly oily lids, I would notice creasing within an hour.

This product lasted me about 6 months and costs  $7.99 for 0.20 FL. OZ. ( from

MESP-01 Eyeshadow Primer.jpg

 Once I ran out of the L’oreal Decrease, I was debating whether or not to splurge on another high-end eyeshadow primer, but decided on seeking out another drugstore primer. I hadn’t heard anything about the Milani eyeshadow primer specifically, but people raved about the brand as a whole so I thought I would give it a try.

This product claims to last over eight hours on the eye while remaining lightweight. To apply, simply dispense some product and blend well, all over the eyelid using your finger.

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The product is packaged in a squeezey tube which gave me more control over the amount of primer that was being dispensed. The consistency of the primer itself is not as thick as I first expected, so the first few times I used this primer I squeezed out too much product. A drop the size of the head of a nail is all you need to cover one, if not both, eyelids. After applying primer I would not wait 30 seconds before applying shadow.

Despite my oily eyelids, I have not noticed any creasing with this primer. I apply my makeup at around 5:50 am every morning and by 9:30 pm (yes, it is a freakishly long day) there still isn’t any creasing on either eyelid.

I have been using this product for about 2 months and costs  $6.49 for 0.30 FL OZ (from Milani’s website).

How do they compare? In my mind, there is no real comparison. Since I have oily lids, obviously I would prefer the Milani eyeshadow primer. However, for people with non-oily eye lids, the L’Oreal Decrease is a nice option. With the Milani base, you do get 0.1 more FL OZ and is also about a dollar less than the L’Oreal Decrease which, to me, makes a difference.

What’s your favorite eye shadow primer?


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