Review: Soft Lips Vanilla Lip Balm


Claims: helps prevent sunburn and chapped lips

Price: $2.99 per tube from

Application: Apply to lips directly from tube whenever lips feel dry or as desired.

My experience: I had never used a Softlips chapstick before, but had heard raving reviews about them. I picked up the vanilla scent because I figured I wouldn’t get sick of.

Imagine this: You’re walking around the mall, glancing at all of the store fronts when you suddenly become aware of your insanely chapped lips. You reach into your bag and find your SoftLips vanilla lip balm. You smell the soft vanilla scent and expect a soothing effect on your lips. You begin applying the lip balm to your lips when BAM  your lips start to tingle! After a couple of seconds the tingling intensifies. “I thought this was vanilla…?” you think as you check the label on the tube. Nope, it definitely says its vanilla…

More of the story is that it tingles. If you have more sensitive lips, you will think its burns. Personally, I don’t mind the tingling sensation, its kind of invigorating, I just was not expecting it at all! For reference, the tingling is equivalent to that of a mild lip plumper.

I do find it to be a super moisturizing lip balm, more moisturizing than the Korres lip butter and significantly cheaper. I would most likely repurchase this product. This particular lip balm was colorless, but I am pretty sure they also have some that have a slight tint which I will be on the hunt for next!

What’s your favorite lip balm?


One thought on “Review: Soft Lips Vanilla Lip Balm

  1. itsemmaelise says:

    LOVE soft lips haha. I used to used it all the time. When I have chapped lips in the winter, it’s the only thing that works. I have sensitive lips, and the tingling didn’t bother me too much. They has a Rose shade, which is a great subtle pink with mild sparkle – perfect for going out, without needing drying lip gloss! :)

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