Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser


Claims: Cleans so deeply and thoroughly that it improves the look and feel of skin. Skin is left refreshingly clean with no pore-clogging residue. Your complexion looks fresh and healthy; feels smooth and soft from deeper, more thorough cleansing. This clean-rinsing, daily cream cleanser contains beta hydroxy to penetrate deep into pores, dissolving dirt, oil and make-up. It also removes dead surface skin cells that can dry, roughen and dull your complexion. Softer, fresher skin will emerge.

Price: $5.94 at

My experience: My skin has become very strange over the last couple of months. When I would use acne-targeted gel cleansers, my usually oily skin would get super dry and flaky, but when I would use cream cleansers my oily skin didn’t feel clean. When I found this product on the shelves in my local target I nearly passed out from excitement. It is an oil-free, cream cleanser that contain salicylic acid. Needless to say,I feel in love with it before I even tried it.

I’m now about half way through my second tube of this cleanser and I’m pretty much obsessed. After I finished up the first tube (after about two months) I wasn’t really sold on this product. My skin still had several trouble areas (namely my forehead and around my mouth) and I wasn’t convinced it was really doing anything. However, About four months after first purchasing this product, I can assure you this works. My forehead (the oiliest part of my face) is now entirely blemish free *knock on wood* and the rest of my face is also.

I use this cleanser to wash my face in the shower. I squeeze out about a nickel sized amount onto my hands and spread it all over my face. Then I take a buff puff (pictured above) and use it to exfoliate my entire face. Then I rinse it off and continue with the rest of my skincare routine once I get out of the shower. I have started to use this cleanser on my back as well and have been very surprised at the results! I apply a little more cleanser than I used on my face onto a body brush with a long handle and then wash my back and shoulders ONLY with that.

A few things to note, I live in a big city where the air is FILLED with pollution. Since trying this product, I have gone out of town to the countryside where there are rolling hills, corn fields and lots and lots of cows. While out of town, my skin began reacting super well to the cleaner air out there. Also, with warm weather generally comes large amounts of sunshine. I also think that my skin has been taking to the sunshine that has been absent for far too long during the elongated winter we seemed to be having. But those environmental factors aside, I think this is a great product and would highly recommend it to anyone with oily skin!

What’s your favorite face wash?


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