Move-In Day


And here I go. College living Day 1/2. It’s not really a full day, considering my parents left only a few hours ago, but hey, it’s a start. Having been completely on my own now for about five hours, I can proudly say that, yes I too, am a college student.

Prior to today, packing and bracing myself for the next four years, was both an exhilarating and terrifying experience. I mean I can’t be the only girl out there that when packing for college asked herself “where am I going to put all of my clothes?”. Obviously not, but that did not keep me from packing nearly everything I own into several plastic trash bags and a couple sets of plastic drawers. While essentially packing my life away, I felt like I was warding off a Mount-Everest of panic attacks. There would be times when my parents would ask me to repeat a question or something I said and I would feel like yelling and crying at the same time. I told myself that now was not the time to cry. That I was only upset because of hormones and that I would be going through a big lifestyle change which made it okay for me to feel this way. Somehow comforting myself, kept any tears and harsh words at bay.

I have a younger sister, six and 3/4 years younger to be exact, and I almost felt guilty for leaving her at home. I wouldn’t be at home for her when I felt she would need me the most (her teenage years). But what was I to do? Her and I have just gotten closer over the last year or so and now that she got her own phone, it will be easier for us to keep in touch with one another. Being the spoiled 21st century kids that we are, e-mailing each other was out of the question.

When it came time for my parents to leave, I almost felt indifferent. Not that I don’t care about my parents. I mean, I love ’em. They’re my parents! But like I wasn’t sad that they were leaving, but I wasn’t happy that they were leaving either. I think I was just ready to stand on my own two feet finally and see how and where I stood amongst my peers. Philosophical right? My parents have raised me well and helped me figure out my own moral code and my beliefs. For that I owe them a lot!

But for now, here I go. Flying solo. Well… I don’t know how much solo flying time I’ll get amongst my 39,999 other peers, but hey! I’ll do what I can!

Much love,



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