Welcome Week


Welcome week: when every PAC 12 freshman explodes from excitement about being out of the house. Move-in day excitement is still fresh and the hangover from the Frat party the night before is knocking on your door. Do you care? Of course not! You’re in college! Even though I’ve only been on campus for less than a full week, I’ve begun to notice some habits and routines that have come in handy already. I’ll share with you some of my newly discovered tips that I’m sure will come in handy at some point during your college experience!

1. Take advantage of free food

Colleges love feeding college kids. College kids with full bellies equal happy freshman. Happy freshman equal happy freshman that will return as happy sophomores (with more money to make a college happy). Get the idea? Welcome Week especially is filled with tons of activities sponsored by all sorts of organizations on campus in the hopes that next time you’re thinking of something to do, you’ll attend that meeting for the club that fed you Wednesday of Welcome Week. And lucky for us poor college students, most of the events and activities are accompanied by free food and/or free t-shirts or other college “swag.” My roommate and I have tried to take advantage of the free food basically thrown at us at these events. Our residence hall and the one adjacent to it had a block party one night complete with a good, old fashioned American barbecue. Although this did count as one of allotted meals for the weekend using our meal plans, we made sure that we got what we paid 2,000 something dollars for. Since it was all you can eat, like the rest of our meals in the dining halls are, after we went through the first time and ate, we went through a second time. We loaded up on grilled chicken, fruit cups and cans of pop to keep in the fridge in our room.

2. Allow for extra time.

Generally speaking, college campuses are big. Big campuses are especially… well they’re big. Personally, i hate being late. It’s my biggest pet peeve: when others are late. Therefore I make it a point to always be on time, if not a little early. That way I find that, if I’m early, I can get settled for a few minutes before having to do _____________ and it makes ____________ more enjoyable/less painful. Moral of the story is: think you allowed enough to walk/ride your bike/bus to class? Give yourself another 5-8 minutes. If you get to your destination earlier, look around and see if you can find any shortcuts or coffee joints/restaurants/dining halls, etc. Take in your surroundings. You might find something beautiful (maybe a cute boy perhaps ;) )

3. Say ‘hello’ to everyone

I know what you’re thinking… “Say hi to everyone? Isn’t that gonna be obnoxious?” It’ll be obnoxious to do, sure, but you won’t regret it. Every one I have seen walking to class, in my dorm’s hallway, and even in town has smiled and said a simple, “hello.” It makes me smile every time. It’s a simple and easy way to (a) make someone else smile and (b) MAKE FRIENDS. Listen to me carefully. Ready? YOU. ARE. A. FRESHMAN. FRIENDS ARE GOOD. MAKE THEM. Whether it’s a quick hello to a floormate you bump into in the bathroom or a cute boy in your Spanish class, it never hurt to try!

Hope these tips helped! More beauty posts are coming up so keep reading!!

Much love always,



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