DIY: Wall Art


this was my first-ever large-scale DIY art project. it was a little time consuming, but a lot of fun. here’s how i did it:

What You’ll Need

Foam Board

Paint (or colored foam board)

Magazines (cut into strips as seen above)

Modge Podge

Elmer’s Glue


Image of Animal/Design

Gallon-sized Plastic Bag

Glitter, other decorations


The piece of poster board that I bought was too big for this project, so I cut it in half using an Exacto knife. I picked the piece that was the least “yucky” (had the least amount of nicks and discolored spots) and painted that piece green (seen above) using a foam brush and some left over paint (that’s the color of my bedroom wall, in case you were curious). MAKE SURE YOU LET IT COMPLETELY DRY BEFORE EVEN THINKING OF GLUING ANYTHING ONTO IT.


My image of choice was a giraffe. I made sure to get as large of an image as possible that could fit on one sheet of paper based on the size of my foam board piece. I cut the image out extremely carefully and then glued it onto my piece of foam board using Elmer’s glue (applied with a foam brush).


Since giraffes are yellow, I tried to use as many different shade of yellow as possible. If your object/animal/design/whatever also then make sure when you’re cutting the magazines, to obviously cut more strips of colors that you’ll need to use… ANYWAY, using Elmer’s glue and a foam brush (can you tell these things are useful?) apply glue to the back of a strip and place it wherever you think it should go.

**PRO TIP** Before putting glue on each strip, figure out where you want to place it first, in case you need to cut the strip to fit better into a particular position. That being said, if you have long stretches of space that need to be covered (like a giraffe’s neck, for example) use longer strips to emphasize the height/length of that area.


Here is my finished project!!! Feel free to decorate the surrounding area around the magazine strip silhouette however you like. To get a glitter effect like mine, put some Modge Podge or other glitter adhesive into a gallon-sized bag towards one corner. Cut off the very tip of that size of the bag and work the Modge Podge towards that corner like you would frosting. Squeeze the Modge Podge into the design you wish (do all of the Modge Podge-ing at once so that it has time to get tacky and adhere to the glitter better.) Then completely cover the wet Modge Podge with glitter, let it sit for a few minutes and then shake off the excess glitter. Voila! All done :)

Have you ever made your own wall art? if so, what’d you make? leave a link to your post (if applicable) down below in the comments!

xoxo Kristine


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