How to Survive a Never-ending Illness


I don’t know if I even know how to survive a never-ending illness considering I’m STILL sick after 3 weeks of being infected with God knows what. The official diagnosis was viral bronchitis and a sinus infection, but to me that translated to exhaustion, difficulty breathing and perpetually teary-eyed. I have managed to get this far past my illnesses, but, I just know, walking pneumonia is waiting for me around the corner. That being said, I’ve compiled a list of the things that have gotten me through these last 3 weeks of pure pain and discomfort.


Sinus infections suck. If you’ve ever had one, you are well-familiar with the sinus headaches and constant feeling of needing to “pop” your ears. If you haven’t had a sinus infection, picture the worst headache you’ve ever had, gather all of the pain and discomfort of that headache into a little ball and put that pain behind your eye balls. It sucks. I have never been one to take pain meds unless the pain is ridiculously unbearable. These sinus headaches called for 4 Advils daily. After like an hour, Advil kicks in and I can finally focus and move on from my bed. Advil, thank you.

My Mom

Even though my mom and I don’t always see eye-to-eye, there’s no time I want my mom than when I’m sick. Whenever I’m sick I just want to be babied and taken care of so I can lay in bed, watch a movie and not move a muscle. From almost 200 miles away, my mom has done everything she could to make me feel better. Daily phone calls and bad jokes have been a great distraction from the form of the plague I seem to be infected with. Mamma, I love you so much and you rock.

Netflix and Knitting

Along with my immune system, my social life has taken a beating ( I know, boo-hoo). But my health comes first so while everyone else is getting ready to go out, I’ve been hopping into bed with my laptop and knitting supplies and allowing myself to be sucked into the imaginary world of Netflix. House of Cards, the best show on Netflix if you ask me, released its second and final season so of course I finished all 13 episodes in a week. I’ve graduated to knitting while being taken back in time to the times of West Side Story and The Breakfast Club. It’s a nice time to say the least :)

Here’s to continuing to getting better and making it another week! I’ve got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me and need to put my best foot forward. HERE. WE. GO.



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