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Hello hello hello everyone! While being away in the beautiful land of Costa Rica, I’ve been super busy during the day which means that I’m in bed and asleep by 9:30 MST. Being the technology obsessed, nineteen year-old that I am, I can’t fall asleep without checking my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail AND Bloglovin. By doing so, I have stumbled upon a couple posts that really stuck with me. I hope that you can take something away from all of these posts as well.

The Importance of Self-Care on October June

Elizabeth of October June has created a list of ways to cheer yourself up on those days when you feel like, for lack of better words, “you just can’t.” For those days you just feel like giving up, not doing anything and just all-around indifferent towards everything, check this post out for a pick-me-up.

State Necklace Giveaway on Southern Belle in Training

Personally loving my hometown and the lovely state of Illinois, I love this giveaway. I had never seen any necklaces like this before so this idea seemed extra unique to me. In case you plan on entering the giveaway you have until April 6 to do so. Good luck :)

You Can Do Anything on Confessions of a Love Addict

Can you tell I’m obsessed with motivational things? This post is all about not giving up on yourself and not letting you stand in your own way. Go get ’em tigers!

Hope you all liked this post and if you want to see more posts like this, make sure to let me know! If you have any suggestions for future posts, questions or concerns, email me at myglitterdiary@gmail.com.




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