Summertime Sadness?


The end of the semester brings warm weather, stressful finals and, of course, a heaping load of bad timing. The situation I’m referring to is nothing shy of a college girl’s worst nightmare.

Picture this. There is a month left in the semester and you’re best girl friend introduces you to a guy who she thinks, “you two would really hit it off.” So he comes over to your dorm/apartment/place of residence to hang out with you and your friend. You and this guy, we’ll name him Joe, hit it off and by the time he leaves that night, you have exchanged Facebook and Snapchat info (modern day flirting?) as well as phone numbers. A few weeks pass and you have him have spent time alone together and maybe even exchanged a kiss or two. You start thinking, “Wow, maybe I have actually found a good guy.” BAM! You find yourself staring the last Monday of the spring semester in the face and you’re completely lost. You and Joe have loosely discussed what will happen by week’s end. A few more days have passed and you can no longer deny the inevitable: the semester ends tomorrow. Now what?

Well ladies, that is the situation many of us, myself included, will find ourselves in at some point in our lives.  As I see it, we have two options. We either take the plunge and throw ourselves into a relationship at the beginning of summer or we pretend like nothing has happened as you part your ways only to “see where things are” in the fall aka nowheresville. Everyone is different, but I can’t hide my feelings. I just suck at it. I’ve never been able to hide or forget about feelings overnight (or at all for that matter). But I think it’d be foolish to say that the thought has never crossed my mind. Wouldn’t it be easier to leave for summer single and just toss those newly acquired feelings away? Who wants to spend the summer pinning away for someone that they’ll see a handful of times, maybe, instead of looking for a closer love interest?

Here’s my opinion: if you want something long term, take the plunge. In comparison, to the school year, summer is relatively short. Why let those newly acquired feelings go to waste if you want something more in the end? On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you don’t want anything serious going into summer, then put those feelings on hold and enjoy your summer as a single bird. Spread your wings and fly, ladies!

Granted, the situation is not always so black and white. We have to think about the poor boy’s feelings too (despite them trying to hide their feelings, they do, apparently, have them). Unfortunately, we can’t make the executive decision all on our own. Make sure there is communication coming from both ends, regardless of what you decide.

No matter what you decide to do with your last minute love interest, make sure that you feel good about the decision. Your long-term happiness is important. Remember that.

**Update: “Joe” (who’s real name is Tucker) just celebrated our 1 year anniversary :)



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