Lessons Learned from Sorority Recruitment Work Week


It’s official: I’ve survived my first sorority recruitment work week. It was filled with lots of sweat and lots of tears, but it was also a crap-ton of fun. Everyone says that recruitment itself has a lot to teach the Greek community, but so does preparing for it. Here is what I’ve learned from my work week experience.

Personal Space is Precious

 I’ve never had a problem with personal space. Until now. I understand that my personality is intense and can sometimes come off as invasive; I get it. As a people-person, I never thought that I would come to resent the company I chose to be with. Being with the same 100+ girls every day for a week and being with them literally 24 hours a day has taught me something: I really hate people. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I have definitely learned to make time for some ‘me’ time. Granted, living in a sorority house where someone is always home, makes finding some alone time incredibly difficult. I’ve re-fallen in love with taking naps (even though it’s at least 95 degrees and humid in the room) and I’ve made the time to spend time with my friends and boyfriend who don’t live in the house. I might not be completely alone, but I’m out of the house, which I’ve found is all I need sometimes.

Your Voice is Also Precious

 Having only ever lost my voice due to illness, losing my voice from screaming was quite… shocking, to say the least. I’ve come to appreciate the magical, soothing powers that tea seems to possess as well as the wonders silence can do for your psyche and your voice. Not only has my lack of voice completely rocked my world, but it has made going about my daily activities incredibly uncomfortable. As someone who was voted “Most Outspoken” in her new member class, I’ve been struggling to say the least. HOWEVER, I just want you all to know that it has been a week since my first day of screaming began and I can now confidently say that my voice has almost completely recovered.

Talking to a Senior is Like Talking to the President

 For an outspoken person, I get intimidated pretty easily. How am I outspoken then? I do whatever it is that is intimidating me anyways (dear god I hope that sentence made sense). I pride myself on not being one who gives up, but man did talking to one of the most intimidating seniors in the house make me want to sprint out of the house and hide. It was probably the worst conversation (or small talk filled silence) imaginable. I forgot how to talk. Literally. All I could keep saying was “this is so awkward.” After that first conversation and many a conversation workshop, I’m confident in saying that I’ve learned a lot from that awkward conversation and now feel like I could make conversation with anyone.




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