Creating a Recipe Book

Recipe Book

Like majority of people During the first month of the new year, i have committed to a healthier lifestyle. I am taking complete responsibility for my life and where have a chosen to start? with food, of course.


Like most other Pinterest fiends on the Internet, I have started off the new year gathering as many recipes as I can (check out my recipe collection here). While I’ve had time over my month winter break from school, I’ve been looking at this compilation and picking a couple to try out every week. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to trying new recipes (and getting boyfriend approval on a couple) once I get back to school. Here’s how I’ve compiled my recipe binder so far:



pick your style of book.

I decided on a binder because it was the easiest way for me to add more recipes over time. I’ve seen gorgeous digital collections and also notebook styles, but this was the most practical option for me. Side note: I hope you all are able to come up with a more clever name for your book than “*insert your name here*’s Recipes”.



Organize the inside.

(Cute and colorful) binder dividers have helped me remain organized while making new and delicious discoveries. I have divided up my recipes into categories: appetizers, veggies, rice, pasta, casseroles, meat, desserts and drinks. But I also foresee the need for another set of dividers as I stumble upon new recipes. I plan to also subdivide each of the dividers into smaller categories as my boyfriend and I expand our taste horizons in the future.


Do you already have a recipe book? share your tips in the comments below!


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