Tips for Living With Your Significant Other for the First Time

Tips for Living With Your Significant Other for the First Time


this summer, I’m living with my boyfriend in his apartment while working and taking a summer class. we want to share with you the things that all couples should know before moving in together.


I’ve lived with girls my entire life: at home, camp and now at college. Initially when deciding to move in with my boyfriend for the summer, I didn’t think much would change, and in a way, not a lot has changed. However, I’ve learned a few things that could help you make a smoother transition.

Figure out where your stuff will go. While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s critical information. My boyfriend and I both underestimated the amount of stuff I had and adopted “we’ll figure it out when the time comes” attitudes. Bad idea. Before you’ve moved a single thing, go through the space you’ll be sharing and decide who gets prime closet space, space under the bed, shelving space, etc. It’ll save a lot of headache later. Trust me.

Food: who pays, who cooks. Again, a no-brainer, but decide together how grocery shopping will occur. Decide if you both want to be present, how you will split up the cost (one person pays, split down the middle, alternate), etc. Food is a necessity, but it doesn’t necessarily have to become a headache. Make it easy on yourselves and have this conversation before or immediately after moving in.

> Find Your Personal Space.  After you’ve unpacked and both seem to have settled, decide where in the space you can sit/lay down/cook/clean or do whatever helps you unwind. Even though its inevitable to spend copious amounts of time together (you wouldn’t live together if you didn’t expect that to begin with), personal space is healthy. Make sure that both you and your significant other have your own, separate spaces where you can just “do you.”

These are the few things I’ve already learned since moving in with my boyfriend and I’m sure I’ll learn plenty more. What tips do you have for those living with their significant other for the first time?


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