Why ‘Adore Me’ Wasn’t for Me

Why Adore Me Wasn't for me


Adoreme.com is a subscription box service that allows the customer to choose a lingerie set every month for $39.95. While they provide good quality products, I struggled to find the need for several of the same bra.


I first learned of the AdoreMe service through the Influenster program, which allowed me to receive my first box for free. As a firm proponent of high quality, supportive undergarments, I was very intrigued by the styles, quality and comfort providing by their bras. Most of the bras seemed pretty run-of-the-mill as far as styles are concerned, which, as a member of the larger-chested community, was great for me.

However, when I further perused their website I found that there were only two common bra styles that came in very unusual color pairings. There seemed to be an unusually large amount of bras that came in either black with neon piping or neon with neon piping. I would’ve much preferred seeing more bra options that came in black, white, gray or nude.

On a similar note, it was very difficult, if not impossible, to find a bra that wasn’t covered in lace. While I do enjoy lace, especially when tastefully done on undergarments, the lace looked cheap and gaudy on the website, particularly the neon colors.

Each bra comes with a matching panty in the style of your choice. I really appreciated the option to choose the style of panty because I liked being able to tailor my purchase more to my particular needs.

Adore Me


On the other hand, I loved the packaging of the box when I received it. As pictured above, the bra came in this AdoreMe custom box wrapped in shades of pink tissue paper. Also included (but not shown) were their current product catalog and a coupon for $10 off my next box.

I have really been enjoying the bra and panty set I received. The lace of the panty has remained soft after several washings and the bra hasn’t lost its shape. Because of my larger chest, I have had problems in the past with bra straps cutting into my shoulders and not providing enough support. Initially, I didn’t have any issues with the bra straps cutting in or not providing support, however, now that I’ve worn (and washed) the bra a few times, I’ve noticed that the straps are cutting in more after each wear.

All in all, AdoreMe wasn’t for me. I wasn’t satisfied with the bra options provided online and I don’t see the need for purchasing 12 bras a year. While they do have an option to skip a month’s box, you still get charged the $39.95, but you are awarded store credit. If you’re in the market for a new bra or bra and underwear set, I’d suggest heading to a store or to a different online retailer before trying this service.

Have you tried adoreme? What did you think?


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