Job Interview Series: Do Research on Yourself

before you embark on finding a job, a first, critical step is doing research on yourself. How can you know what job(s) to apply for if you don’t know yourself? read more to learn about how to get to know your professional self.


When initially looking for a job, it may be hard to begin. As a rising junior in college with interests in some pretty random things, just thinking about possible careers is a daunting feat. Luckily (and just in time), my business communication class last semester taught me how to overcome the initial challenge of targeting a field or job. The key: getting to know myself as a professional.

We read important chapters from the classic job-seekers books titled “What Color is Your Parachute?” (pictured below). The book also contains many exercises to help guide you in the job-hunting process. The exercise that I found the most beneficial was the flower exercise (it sounds cheesy, I know). Essentially, your traits and interests in and out of the workplace form the petals of your personal flower and your life mission/mantra/goals form the center.

In case you aren’t able to take a look at the book for yourself, here are the questions you need to answer as you are getting to know yourself:

> Favorite “Knowledges” or Interests

> Favorite Kinds of People to Work With

> What I Can & Love to Do (these are called transferable skills)

> Favorite Working Conditions

> Preferred Level of Responsibility

> My Preferred Places to Live (Sooner or Later)

> and finally, Goal, Purpose and Mission in Life

This exercise will only prove beneficial if you are 100%, completely honest with yourself in your answers. I highly recommend writing down your answers and revisiting them every couple of weeks or if you feel stuck in your search. My flower can be seen below.

My Flower

It doesn’t matter when in your life you find yourself looking for a job, knowing yourself is arguably the most important step when searching for a job or career.

what tips do you have for job seekers?




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