Planning a Weekend Getaway



As a belated celebration of our anniversary, my boyfriend and i are headed away to St. Louis for the weekend. planning (and agreeing on) what we would do in just 2 short days wasn’t easy. hopefully what i’ve learned can serve as a guide for your next quick weekend away.

Do your research. While this may seem like an obvious step in the planing process, especially if you’ll be traveling to a new location, I don’t just mean main attractions. Research hotels, attractions, food and taxi services (even if you’re brining a car). In my opinion, the two most important things to research would be the parking situation for every attraction you plan on visiting (including your hotel) and food options for those attractions (especially if you are traveling those with particular diet restrictions).

Do not buy all tickets in advance. After doing preliminary research, keep track of the attractions that require tickets. Buy tickets in advance if: seating is limited, takes more than an hour, has fewer than four time availabilities (like a tour). Otherwise, I would suggest purchasing tickets once you get there.

> Along the same vein as purchasing tickets, allow time for exploration. Regardless of whether you’v previously visited your destination, a vacation is about relaxing, no matter how short. Depending on what attractions (and how many) you plan on visiting while away, allow yourself at least a few hours every day to wander, explore and truly get to know your destination. Chances are you’ll remember your experience finding that killer, hidden ice cream shop way more than you’ll remember taking a ride on a generic tourist attraction.

If you want to see pictures from this weekend’s trip, follow my Instagram account, @mylittleboxoftricks.

How do you plan for a weekend getaway?


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