Car Games 101



As you know, my boyfriend and i road tripped to st. louis this weekend (read about our planning tips HERE). it’s quite a long drive from central illinois to st. louis, so here are some car games that can help entertain you on a long road trip.

The License Plate Game: While there are many variations of this classic car game (waaaaay more than I thought), my favorite way to play this game is look for what I call “foreign” license plates. I like to stare intently at the license plates of cars passing by to check what state they’re from. After a while, it’s fun to be able to tell where the license plate is from by only seeing the colors and design from a distance.

> The Alphabet Game: I’d like to think of this game as a hybrid between i-Spy and singing the ABC’s. The goal is to get all the way through the alphabet using road signs on your journey. The letter can be anywhere in the word, but each sign can only count as one letter. For example, if a sign read “Exit: Mason Str.” I could use that as my “A” and then continue on with B…C…etc.  First player to reach the end of the alphabet wins.

Odd Colored Car: Before embarking on your trip, each player must be a “rare” car color (i.e. yellow, purple, green, etc.). As your journey progresses, each player must look for their color car. If a player spots their own color, they are awarded one point. However, another player may steal that point if they spot another player’s color before they do.

Keep up with my journey in St. Louis on Instagram, @mylittleboxoftricks !

What are your favorite car games?


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