Job Interview Series: Company Research



Before you head into any interview, it’s important to do your research on the company and position you will be interviewing for. However, general information may not always be enough. Here are other things you should know to prevent setting yourself up for failure.

Obvious information you should know:

> Knowing the company’s mission statement and values are essential in proving that you  put at least minimal effort towards preparing for the interview. As the interview progresses and your interviewer asks you questions about your personal values, it is often beneficial to relate your personal values to the company’s. By doing so, employers may more easily see you as a proper fit for the company.

> If you do not know what the job description asks, you should not be interviewing for it in my opinion. The job description is the first tool you are provided with that can help you link your transferrable skills to fulfilling the company’s needs. More often than not, an employer may pass up on a great applicant if they aren’t fully aware of the job description because this lack in preparation can come off as laziness, arrogance or disinterest.

Not-so-obvious information you should know:

> Knowledge of past work or clientele can show to your interviewer that you are a loyal supporter and follower of the company. Proving your knowledge of the company’s past, shows that you care about the company and it’s future. That being said, during your interview, I would steer clear of trying to out-fact your interviewer. What I mean by that is this: don’t just spew out facts about the company in a fact-checking or show-offy way. That’s just annoying.

> There are many reputable resources on the Internet these days that allow you an inside peek at a company’s interviewing process. Websites like may have examples of past interview questions. By becoming familiar with them, you can not only (hopefully) get rid of most anxiety about interview preparation, but also prepare answers for those questions so that you project confidence during your interview.

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