Job Interview Series: How to Prepare a Resume

How to prepare a resume


(usually) before you land any interviews, you need to send in an application. most, if not all, applications these days require a resume. a resume isn’t something you can throw together last minute, but is rather a well-crafted tool you can use to your advantage (by landing your dream job, duh!). here are my tips for creating a killer resume.

Make your contact information easy to find How is anyone supposed to contact you if they don’t know who you are and how best to reach you. That being said, traditional formats usually have your home address. However, if you’re a student make sure you include your permanent address and your school address, especially if the position you are applying for isn’t on campus. Contact information I include on my resume: first and last name, home address, school address, cell phone number, and PROFESSIONAL email account. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not put an email address on your resume that is Email accounts are easy to set up and customize with a professional address.)

Don’t list everything you’ve ever done unless they ask for it Unless the institution asked for a CV (basically a super long list of anything you’ve ever done), only include 3-5 relevant jobs/volunteer opportunities/etc. that emphasize the skills that the company you’re applying for desires. Sometimes including too much (irrelevant) information can do more harm than good.

> Proofread, proofread, proofread Please proofread.If you’re not comfortable reading your own work a million times than have a trusted friend, parent, colleague read over your resume. Having another set of eyes read over your work before you submit it as part of an application can help you catch any grammar or spelling mistakes and anything that is unclear.

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What do you like to include on your resume?


15 thoughts on “Job Interview Series: How to Prepare a Resume

  1. Kaitlin @ Heaps of Me says:

    When I left my last job at Chloé my boss gave me great advice. She said that it often makes more sense to get rid of the last job on your resume in order to fit it a better description on your most recent positions. You should also tailor your resume to the job you are applying to in order to make yourself more marketable. Great tips!

  2. Annaliese says:

    Great resume tips!! My best resume tip for fellow college students would be to make the best use of the career services department at your school! Twice when I have applied for various internships I have given them a visit to have them help me look over my resume and beef it up for that specific application!

    xoxo A

  3. Lauren says:

    Resumes are so important and I love your tips! I think it’s so annoying when people literally write bullets of everything they’ve done that aren’t even pertinent to the job they’re applying to! Great tips. :) I also think it’s so important to have a quick and catchy intro!

    The Fashionista’s Diary

  4. Erica @ Coming Up Roses says:

    Great advice here girlfriend! Resumes are so evolutionary and have to constantly change to reflect your growing self! I actually wrote about resume-perfecting tips a bit ago…check it out here if you’re interested (:

    Coming Up Roses

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