My Favorite Happiness-Promoting Links



Like most other people on this planet, i’m striving to find happiness in every day. i’m trying to find that little silver lining surrounding even the worst of days. since beginning that quest, i have stumbled across a few things on the web that have brought me some joy. here are my favorite happiness-promoting links:

> 10 Things You Need to Stop Doing if You Want to Be Happy via Thought Catalog

> The cutest video of Taylor Swift visiting the sweetest little boy.

> Michelle Hummel’s 20 Secrets to Happiness

> My Baby Animals board on Pinterest… (because cute baby animals are the glue holding the universe together)

> 20 Self Improvement Tips from Breath of Optimism

What makes you smile?




26 thoughts on “My Favorite Happiness-Promoting Links

  1. Ashley @ Purple & Pearls says:

    My dog, my roommate and boyfriend always make me smile! My parents are right up there too! A quick look at my “giggles” pinterest board makes me happy as well! I love these links, a great way to perk up mid-week!

  2. Tiffany Khyla says:

    This is seriously something I needed today. I’ve been on a rocky road trying to find happiness lately, and every little bit helps. That video of Taylor Swift always warms my heart.

  3. Ashley says:

    That T.Swift video totally touched my heart!!! Oh and you can’t go wrong with baby animals! I always turn to my baby animal pinterest board when I’m having a bad day!

    xo Ashley

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