How to Combat the Heat

How to combat the heat

I physically begin to melt once the temperature on the thermometer raises above 78 degrees. If you’re like me and literally can’t take the summer heat, never fear! Here are the tips and tricks I’ve used to stay cool this summer.

Cool down your body’s hot spots  There are several locations on the body that are responsible for heat regulation. The ones that I know of (and I’m pretty sure this is all of them) are: the back of the neck, arm pits, groin and the forearm side of both wrists. Whenever I can’t seem to find relief from the heat, I head over to the nearest sink and run super cold water over the backs of my wrists. I’ve done this both at home and when I’m overheating while out and about; it works. If you’re not finding relief from just cold running water, take some ice packs and go lay down under a fan. Place one ice pack behind your neck, two under your arm pits and one on your groin (this one feels really frickin’ cold, but it works).

> Change your fabrics. It’s not secret that some fabrics “breathe” more easily than others (i.e. please don’t wear wool when it’s 90 degrees). You might think that all thinner fabrics are equally as “breathable.” However, that is not always the case. Fabrics that are both lightweight and breathable: linen, cotton (denim, seersucker), and silk.

> Run errands NOT at 11 am. I’ve learned the hard way that deciding to run errands after each lunch during the summer is just not a good idea. Lately, it’s been reaching 90 degrees before 11 am here, in central Illinois. I’ve found its best to either run errands as soon as I wake up (around 9 or 8:30 depending on how many errands I need to run) or in the evening after 5. Considering not all stores are open before 9  or after 5, it can get a little frustrating, but, in my opinion, it beats having the unforgiving sun beating down on me the entire time.

How do you beat the summertime heat?


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