Frozen Veggies to Always Have on Hand

Frozen veggies to have on hand

As a college student, a busy mom, or a go-getter working 40+ hours a day, it’s not always easy (nor do you always have the energy) to come up with creative, new recipes for dinner. However, having a stockpile of various frozen veggies can add extra flavor, color and nutrition to a simple rice or pasta recipe.Here are the frozen veggies tuck and i always have on-hand for a quick dinner.

>Broccoli In case you missed my broccoli rice bowl blog post, I love adding frozen broccoli into rice as it cooks. Not only does it add some heartiness to a simple bowl of rice, but, with the right spices, it can completely transform a simple dish into a flavor-trip to China or Italy.

>Corn I like tossing corn into canned soups in order to provide some contrasting sweetness.  Even defrosted frozen corn gives plain-jane canned soup a fresh crunch and livens up the mundane flavors. Once defrosted, frozen corn is also killer mixed into store-bought salsa.

(More on the blog: Recipe: Parmesan Potato Wedges)

>Peas I enjoy the taste of tossing a handful of frozen peas into a cream or light pasta sauce as its cooking. Like frozen corn in canned soup, peas add an extra sweet bite to, what can be a rather run-of-the-mill quick pasta dinner.

>Stir-fry veggies Maybe this is technically a cop-out, but having stir-fry veggies tossed in soy sauce on top of rice is a relatively easy, quick and super delicious dinner. You could even stir-fry the veggies (or steam them) and toss them with asian noodles for another simple, quick and delicious dinner!

What do you stock pile in your freezer?


One thought on “Frozen Veggies to Always Have on Hand

  1. Abigail Thomas says:

    I just started cooking some of my own meals this semester (I reduced my meal plan from 14 to 10 meals a week) and I’ve fallen in love with the frozen vegetable section. I always keep broccoli and corn on hand, and for some reason, I keep forgetting to look for stir fry or peppers! Great post!

    -Abigail T.

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