How to Create the Ultimate Roadtrip Playlist

How to Create the Ultimate road trip Playlist

Long road trips are only as tolerable Good as the tunes you play. Don’t get stuck falling asleep at the wheel halfway through a 12-hour road trip because of a less-than-energetic playlist. here are my tips to creating the ultimate road trip playlist that will keep you excited until you reach your final destination.

>Variety is key. Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love blasting Taylor Swift in the summertime, after four or five songs in a row, it can get a little old. Mix up the artists and genres of music as much as you can. Not only will you (hopefully) not tire of one music genre before others, but you’ll get excited anticipating which song will come next.

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>Plan the order in which the songs will play. This might seem tedious to you, but trust me, it’s worth the time spent. Doing this will prevent too many songs by the same artist from being played in a short amount of time. This is also really useful if you know that you will be taking turns driving with whomever else is accompanying you on your journey. You can tailor a certain duration of time in the playlist to the driver’s tastes.

>To go along with planning the order of music, Please do not play slow, quiet music at night or in the early morning. That’s just asking for trouble. We do not need anyone to be falling asleep at the wheel (actually, it’s the EXACT opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish). Be smart with the placement of slower, quieter songs. In my experience, it’s just best to avoid them altogether.

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>If you know you will be driving at night, include sing-a-longs. When my boyfriend and I road tripped to Indianapolis for a concert, we were making the almost two-hour drive back to campus at 2 am. We were very ill-prepared for this scenario (most accredited to my playlist malfunctioning), but decided to put on the Disney Station on Pandora. Needless to say, blasting “Hakuna Matatta” at 1 am definitely kept us awake. Sing-a-longs are essential to keeping everyone attentive on those late-night drives.

What songs do you include on your road trip playlists?


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