Back to School: Preparing for Class


Even though school supplies are my favorite part about returning to school-mode come the fall, I’ve come to enjoy preparing for class as well. Here are a few ways I get PSYCHED for a new school year while preparing for the first day of classes.


// Organize my planner – As you know, I love my Erin Condren planner. In order to get back in the school-time mindset, I like to prepare the first weeks of class in my planner. I’ll write in the times and locations of my classes, school holidays, any trips home, etc. This has been the easiest (and least painful) way for me to slowly, but surely slide back into learning-mode.

// Online shop for books – College books are really frickin’ expensive. Like really expensive. I like to online shop various retailers for the best deal on the books I’ll need. My school bookstore has a list of required texts for more classes online usually around the beginning of August. I use the 2 weeks before classes begin to shop and compare prices on both school bookstores’ websites, Amazon (of course), Chegg and Barnes & Noble. That way, once I get back on campus, I don’t have to worry that I won’t be prepared for the first day of class.

// Actually read the syllabus – I am almost obsessive about reading syllabuses (syllabae?). Professors spend so much time compiling this packet of information, it’s almost rude not to read it. I go through every syllabus and write down (in the Notes section of my planner) the contact info for each professor and/or TA. This is also when I write down due dates of projects and exam dates. If the professor has included a homework schedule in the syllabus then I’ll print it out and keep it with my materials I intend to use for that class so I can stay organized and on top of my work once the semester is in full swing.

These are all of my tips for preparing the a new semester of classes. If you have any questions, leave them down below in the comments! How do you prepare for classes? 

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