Back to School Series: How to Find Clothing Inspo on Pinterest

How to find clothing Inspo on Pinterest

I’d be lying if i denied that pinterest is my beacon of knowledge and inspiration for almost any topic i could imagine. that being said, pinterest’s collection of articles and photos can be very overwhelming when just scrolling through look for outfit ideas. maybe you’ve been a few (few hundred) cute outfits, but now what? here are my tips for taking your pins and turning them into outfit ideas for the upcoming school year.

>Go through what you’ve already pinned If you’ve had your Pinterest as long as I have, some of your clothing pins might not seem so relevant anymore to your personal style. If that’s the case delete them. It’s incredibly difficult to find inspiration in something you blatantly don’t find appealing anymore.

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>Notice trends. As you’re purging out-dated pins, focus on common elements in the Pins you are keeping. Is the style of bag the same? Do you notice a lot similarly cut t-shirts? Since you were repeatedly drawn to those types of items, those are items that you should seriously consider adding to you wardrobe cause clearly you like them!

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 3.52.24 PM

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>Separate by subtopic. As can be seen above, I separated my fashion boards into bags, loungewear, shoes and then every-day fashion (the left-most board). This has allowed me to more easily notice those trends that popped up when I first went through my fashion board (i.e. carry-all tote bags are my love). This allowed me to also pinpoint those Pins that I wasn’t totally crazy about.

How do you find inspiration on Pinterest?


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