How to Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Products

How to get the most from products

Do you get bummed out every time you’re almost done with your favorite makeup product/condiment/toothpaste/etc? when you throw the “empty” container out, do you find yourself thinking “maybe i could get one more use out of it?” NEVER FEAR. I’VE GOT YOU COVERED. HERE ARE WAYS THAT YOU CAN MAXIMIZE THE USE OUT OF YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCTS”

> Turn it upside down This works best with bottles. What I have found most useful (and the least messy) is taking the bottle, opening it and flipping it upside inside of a small container so that the product drains into that container. If you flip the bottle upside (lid on) and let the product collect near the dispenser, it gets super messy (and consequently more wasteful) when trying to use the product after that.

 > Cut the end of tubes This works best with the non-pliable tubes or lotion, lip products, self-tanners, and products of the like – NOT TOOTHPASTE. Cutting the end of the tube (opposite end from where the product normally dispenses) allows you to literally scoop remaining product out of the tube. Note of caution: After cutting the tube, some products may dry up. To best avoid this, squeeze out as much air out of the tube, moving your hand from normal-dispensing end to cut end and clip the cut end of the tube closed with a binder clip.

> Roll your toothpaste instead of squeezing it Have you ever noticed how difficult it can be to get toothpaste out of the tube once it feels only half full? Here’s my solution: roll the tube. As you begin to use up toothpaste, run your hand along the tube, squeezing the toothpaste towards the dispenser (so it’s all together). Then, beginning at the flat end of the tube (opposite dispensing end, begin rolling it towards the dispenser. This will further compress the toothpaste together and give you a more accurate depiction of how much toothpaste you have left.

How do you get the most out of your products?


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