How I Combat Anxiety

How I combat anxiety

When you struggle with anxiety, generic advice can only make you more anxious.I have struggled anxiety from a very young age and didn’t learn how to fight back until recently. here are the tips that i’ve implemented to keep my anxiety at bay.

>Identify what is making you feel anxious I know just how easy it is to say “I don’t know why I am anxious. I just feel anxious.” The fact of the matter is that something is making you feel that way and by refusing to acknowledge it head-on, you are giving that ‘thing’ more control. Next time you begin to feel anxious or get that uneasy feeling right before a full-blown panic attack, stop what you’re doing. Pause of a minute and ask yourself “What is making me feel anxious?”

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> Identify why It is important to figure out what is making you feel anxious before you get to this step. In the past when I’ve gotten to this point, I’ve turned to a friend or my boyfriend to help me decipher the reason why. However, as I would begin to talk through my current spell of anxiety, I would find myself getting more anxious. So my recommendation to you all would be to talk through it with yourself before going to anyone else. I’ve found that this let’s me work through it at my own pace – a lot less anxiety-inducing.

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> Deal with it. Now that you’ve identified what and why you’re feeling anxious, it’s time to deal with it head on. This part is the most individualized. In terms of projects, work/school related work/presentations/exams/etc. all there is to do is to make sure you are as prepared as you can possible be. For relationships, friends, family, etc. your course of action will differ based on what you identified as the reason behind your anxiety. The entire goal of this “dealing with it” phase is to go about the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ in a way that is the healthiest and most comfortable for you.

Anxiety, like depression, is a very personal condition. These are the steps that have helped me overcome my severe anxiety.

If you have suffered with anxiety, what has helped you overcome it?


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