How to Survive a Quarter-Life Crisis

How to power through a .25 life crisis

As a junior in college, i don’t have enough fingers to count how many times i’ve reached complete crisis mode. In case you haven’t noticed, i made it through just fine. i’ve learned how to best break through my many quarter-life crises via trial and error. Here are the “secrets” behind showing your quarter-life crisis who’s boss:

> Lists, lists, lists, lists And did I mention lists? I’m very goal-oriented so whenever I’m quickly approaching crisis-mode I begin to make an obscene amount of lists. I make lists for blog post ideas, upcoming assignments, food shopping, people I need to call – basically anything that passes through my mind, I write down. This allows me to “unpack” my brain and visually organize and prioritize tasks ahead. I’ve found this is especially helpful when I have a big assignment due amidst a bunch of other stuff. I write a very detailed list that breaks down exactly what I need to do to finish the assignment, i.e. choose topic, research topic, outline research findings, etc. By doing this, I somehow trick myself into checking off more off my assignment to-do list (who doesn’t like checking off things from their to-do list?).

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>Make the most of your 24-hour days. In this case, I don’t mean be spontaneous, rather get as much done in your 24-hours that is feasible for you. If you know that you do not function effectively with less than seven hours of sleep, don’t stay up until 2 am if you have to be up again at 7:30 am. Plan your schedule (physically write it down, broken up by the hour) so that you are maximizing the time you are the most efficient and attentive. If you know that you work the best from 9 am – 2 pm, make the most of that time. Pay attention in class, put your phone away and get as much effortful work done during that time period as you can. I have found that doing so has not only allowed me to get more done during that span of time, but has also motivated me to work a little longer because I’ve made great progress.

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> Allow time for doing nothing As you’re reaching the end of your productivity each day, allot time to do something you find relaxing. Whether that be reading a book, catching up on reading your favorite blogs, or watching a few episodes of your newest Netflix binge – do something. I’ve found that if I end a productive day relaxed, I’ll wake up the next day feeling relaxed, energized and ready to tackle more on my many lists.

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How do you fight through your quarter-life crisis?


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