Weekly Round Up 10/5

105 Round Up

What’s this?! A brand, spanking new blog post on a monday?!? You got it! Welcome to my Weekly Round Up where i will be recapping last week’s blog posts as well as my favorite bits and pieces from other bloggers and around the web. You can now expect a new blog post from me every monday, wednesday and saturday, ayo! without further ado, here’s this week’s round up:

Last week’s Blog Posts

// Last Wednesday’s post inspired me to create this new series. Here are more of my favorite links from the inter-webs.

// Always feel like you’re in panic mode? Me too! Here’s how I battle through my quarter-life crises.

Just for Laughs

// Ignore everything, but Matt Damon. It is only about Matt Damon. Ever.

// Matt Damon recreating his biggest movie roles. Nuff said.

Favorite Videos

// Y’all remember Honey Boo Boo? Even though her reality show has been off the air for a year now, she clearly hasn’t been slackin’. She’s been working on her rapping skills.  Yes, just like Kanye! Warning: this will be EVERYTHING you’re anticipating, I promise.

// The most accurate depiction of me when I workout. 

// Ryan Reynolds on becoming a father is one of the sweetest things I’ve read/heard in an incredibly long time. Long live Blake and Ryan.

Professional Development

// As a blogger, I feel like I have something I can offer you. Having the desire to share knowledge doesn’t solely make for a successful influencer. PR Daily shares their tips to breaking through as a successful influencer.


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