Ways to Give Back

Way to Give Back

As Most Americans are aware, october in the states is breast cancer awareness month. However, we shouldn’t wait until one specific time of the year to give back. While it may not always seem like the most convenient to always find time to give back, Here are a few ways to give back for every level of involvement.

> Follow Charities, Causes and Organizations on Social Media. How could following a  a cause on social media be helpful? As most businesses have figured out, not only social media increases consumer involvement and  overall awareness, but also a means of supporting the business or organization. Most organizations will Tweet fundraisers happening across the country as well as other ways you can support them. Which brings me to my next point….

> Financial Support. Most organizations now offer a variety of different means through which supporters can offer their financial support. Large charities often have online shops directly on their websites where they offer a variety of apparel, mugs, pens, lanyards and other products. Also, some large charities partner with retailers or designers – so keep your eyes peeled for those collaborations. Here are some examples:

The Miller sisters designed shirts for ASOS to benefit breast cancer research.

Glamulet donates 50% of the profits made from it’s breast cancer awareness charms  to charities that support breast cancer awareness and research.

> Get Active. Runs, walks, bike rides galore! It seems like every weekend the fall is hosting at least four or five different walks or runs. To find out if your favorite charity is hosting an event this fall, Google your charities name and walk/run to see if any events come up. If you’re not a runner like me, I recommend downloading this really awesome app called Charity Miles (p.s. available for both Android and Apple devices). My boyfriend’s sister introduced me to this app and I’m hooked! You select the charity you wish to support from the list they have available and allow the app to track your movements. The more you walk, the more money you raise. Click here to learn more about this app.

How do you choose to give back? let me know in comments below!



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