Weekly Round Up 10/12

Weekly  RoundUp

Happy monday everyone! i wish you all a happy crunchy-leaf stomping, pumpkin carving, apple pie scented week!


Last Week’s Blog Posts:

If you can’t handle super scary movies like myself, check out my 20 favorite non-terrifying Halloween movies.

Want to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month or a different charity, but don’t know how? Check out my post on ways to give back to get you inspired!

Life Hacks of the Week:

Who said cleaning can’t be fun and/or easy? Check out this Buzzfeed article on simple cleaning life hacks to make tidying up more enjoyable.

I love this simple and chic DIY bathroom shelf from I Heart Organizing. I could definitely see myself recreating this in the near future!

Fashion Pick of the Week:

I feel completely head over heads for this cozy and chic  asymmetrical dark grey sweater. BUT WAIT!  It gets even better. It’s on sale!

Just for Laughs:

In the spirit of Halloween, check out how Donald Trump “fits in” with these classic horror movies.

Hate Mondays? No problem! Here are 25 GIFS that I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to.

What links have you been loving this last week? Share them down below!


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