How to Make Housework Fun

Making Housework Fun

“Have you done your chores?” Does that phrase sound familiar? Even when I was little, that phrase was the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. However, as i’ve gotten older (and grew less tolerant of living in my own filth), i’ve developed little tricks that have made cleaning up and other chores less painful more enjoyable.

> Laundry:the Perfect Study Break. Those who have known me for a while know JUST how much I cannot stand doing laundry. I grew up in an apartment building where the laundry room was in the basement which meant going outdoors to gain access. Trust me, ZERO fun in the winter, snow or rain. Anytime I have a lot of school stuff going on, I do at least one load of laundry to help break up all of the learning. I’ll make sure all of my study stuff is out and ready to go before I head down to the laundry room to drop in a load. While the machines are doing their thing, I’ll focus on studying until my timer goes off to switch to the dryer. Once I switch my clothes to the dryer, I’m ready to come back and get down to business!

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>Let Dishes Soak.Tucker and I use a lot of dishes. That’s a fact. It’s not always the easiest to get melted cheese, grease and other food remnants off of them. I’ve learned to, first, locate the trouble dishes and, second, put a little extra dish soap on them and some hot water. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22 but I am not willing to spend 10 extra minutes scrubbing a plate. It’s just not going to happen. Letting troublesome dishes soak often times helps the stubborn food wash right off.

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> Clean Up Spills as They Happen. No one enjoys living around their spilled food and drinks, am i right? The easiest way to clean them up is to do it right away. Paper towels, rags,  disinfectant wipes are your friends. Do your best to avoid letting spilled liquid dry before cleaning it up (trust me, you’ll save yourself a lot of scrubbing). Not to mention, leaving spilled food out is purely unsanitary and, in my book, a HUGE health hazard. Old, left out, spilled food brings bugs. Bugs bring bacteria and other bad things. Just don’t do it.

How do you make cleaning up more enjoyable?


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