Why it is Important to Read

Why it is Important to Read

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been lectured about the importance of reading since I was able to read. the wise words from these “lectures” managed to stick throughout my elementary and middle school years. Come high school, i prioritized reading very low on my apparently long list of obligations. as a college junior, i may not have as much time as i’d like to read a novel, but i make time to read something. here’s why i think you should make time too:

> Reading Broadens Your Vocabulary.Whether you’re reading War and Peace, the news or a Buzzfeed article, exposure to words that aren’t common in everyday speech is incredibly beneficial. Exposure to new, more complex words helps you learn new synonyms for basic words and phrases and also gives you a new crop of words to use in more formal situations (hello, dream job!). Not to mention, studies have shown that those with a more varied vocabulary come off as smarter than their non-reading counterparts.

> Reading Makes You Smarter. Along with point #1, reading exposes you to a variety of concepts, fact or fiction, that can help you better understand the world around you. Of course, reading the news and staying up-to-date on current event takes care of that quite literally for you, but reading fiction, blogs or anything else does the exact same, but in an indirect way.

> Reading Ignites Imagination. Maybe I’m the only one who does this, but have you ever imagined yourself in the shoes of whoever you’re reading about and wondered how you would have handled the situation? That is just one of the many ways that reading can jumpstart your imagination. One of my favorite things about reading novels since I was a young’un was how reading a book was SO different from watching a movie or a TV show – even if it was the same story. Reading books allowed me to envision the plot, characters, and setting however I wanted. If I wanted the trees to all have purple tops, the trees could have purple tops! It was up to me. (Unless, of course, the author had explicitly discussed the colors of the trees…)

> Bonus Blogger Tip: Reading Keeps You Inspired. One of the hardest things as a blogger is consistently coming out with new content. I would know – it was the reason behind many a hiatus before. Now that I’m making a more conscious effort to read something, I’ve seen a drastic improvement in my ability to come up with new topics (like this one!). Again, I cannot stress this enough, it rarely matters what you’re reading, just start reading. Whether you want to read about an industry you’re interested in, current events, other blogs, just start reading!

Why do you like to read?


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