Weekly Round Up 10/26/15

Weekly Roundup 1026

happy week before halloween! i hope you all have had a wonderful week and weekend. here are the links that caught my eye last week:

Current Faves

Show: Impractical Jokers – they’re frickin’ hilarious y’all

Food: Any and all Mexican food – had the YUMMIEST enchiladas over the weekend!

Netflix Binge: Supernatural!

Last Week’s Posts

Weekly Round Up 10/19/15

How I Meal Plan

NEW Recipe: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Favorite Links of the Week

The PERFECT embodiment of overthinking. 

More Awesomer shared where she ate when she was in Austin. Not only did it all look fantastic, but it gives me more reasons to head to the Lone Star State.

Ryan Reynolds gushes about his new life with Blake Lively & baby James – needless to say it’s adorable. 

The ever-creative Helene in Between shared a simple trick to edit how your blog post titles look when they’re shared.

A great list of books ever blogger needs to read from A Fresh Start on a Budget!

what have you been reading lately? here’s to a great week ahead!


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