Non-Terrifying Halloween Activities #galpalholiday

Non terrifying Halloween Activities

Happy Halloween week y’all!  Today i’m participating in the #galpalholiday link up hosted by CRISTINA FROM CRISTINA ON CAMPUS, CATHLEEN FROM CLASSY CATHLEEN and RACHEL FROM SEASHELLS AND SPARKLES! This link up is all about halloween (shocking, right?). As you have probably gathered by now, i’m not the biggest fan of halloween or being scared. however, i do love celebrating holidays (halloween still counts in my book). here are a few ways that i’ve come to enjoy halloween over the years sans any scary ghosts or haunted houses.

> Grab your pumpkin (if you don’t have one yet, hop to it!) and carve that sucker! See who can carve the silliest face in their pumpkin amongst your friends and treat the winner to a hot chocolate or their favorite sweet treat (it IS Halloween after all). Don’t forget to clean up and roast those pumpkin seeds for a killer snack later on.

> Curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa, your favorite blanket and put on your favorite fall-time movie. Need something new to watch? Check out my post on my 20 favorite non-scary (of course) Halloween movies if you can’t decide on a movie to watch.

> Call up your nearest and dearest friends and have a Halloween-themed dinner party.Craft a clever text messageDesign themed invitations, pick up the finishing touches for your Halloween costume and plan a meal featuring some delicious ghoulish treats. Some recipes you could try: Mummy Dogs, Witch Finger Cookies, or Spiderweb Pizza. If you’re of age, throw in a Halloween cocktail or two like a Black Devil Martini or Blood Sucker Cocktail.

> Play some classic games that always seemed to make an appearance at kids’ Halloween parties. These games include, but are in no way limited to: bobbing for apples, pin the broom on the witch (yaknow… like pin the tail on the donkey… but not), witch hat ring toss and Halloween bingo.

> Create a Spot-the-Costume scavenger hunt for you and your friends! Before Halloween, sit down and create a list of costumes you want to “find” on Halloween night (i.e. 3 witches, 2 characters from The Office, etc.). Use your imagination! Create a spot for most creative costume and see which of your friends spots the best one! This can be especially hilarious on a college campus because some students come up with the craziest of costumes.

for more halloween-themed posts, search #galpalholiday on all social media (and google) to find more posts from some lovely ladies!

Remember to stay safe and make good choices this Halloween!

How do you plan on spending your halloween? let me know down in the comments below! 

11 thoughts on “Non-Terrifying Halloween Activities #galpalholiday

  1. Cristina says:

    Love this! I am not very into haunted houses or horror movies, so I’ll definitely be taking these tips! So glad you linked up with us :) X, C.

  2. Tianna says:

    awesome ideas! I love being scared ,but I’m okay with not-so-scary activities too! There’s a local haunted hayride that isn’t very scary, but it’s tons of fun to do with friends :)

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