How to Make Holiday Shopping Affordable

Affordable Holiday Shopping

christmas is my favorite holiday.honestly, i could write a book filled with hundreds of reasons as to why i love christmas season. for me, i love giving my loved ones gifts that make their faces light up once they open them. however, those gifts aren’t always inexpensive. in the last few years, i’ve learned a couple of tricks to prevent holiday gift shopping from completely breaking the bank. keep reading to pick some serious money-saving techniques before this rapidly-approaching holiday season arrives!

Pay attention to what people say. Remember that time a few months back when you and your mom were watching something on TV and she pointed to a character’s earrings and said, “I love her earrings, don’t you? How cute are they?” Make a mental note. Once you’ve stepped away from mom, make an ACTUAL note. Whether that be on your phone in the “Notes” section or in the back “Notes” section of your planner – write it down. The sooner you start compiling a list of items that you think your loved ones will want, the sooner you can start looking for sales and discounts for those items.

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> Start early in the year. Unless you’re a holiday-obsessed human, like myself, I doubt that the first thing you think about in the New Year is the next holiday season, 12 months away. However, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore it. If you plan on shopping the post-holiday sales, keep your eyes peeled for deals on your favorite things, but keep your eyes pealed for items for your loved ones too. Killer sales aside, starting your holiday shopping early in the year can help preserve your end-of-the-year budget significantly. By purchasing gifts throughout the year, you don’t have to save your pennies and sanity to catch a good few deals come November. (Doing so, I’ve found, also let’s you enjoy the holiday season because you’re not entirely preoccupied with running around finding last minute gifts for everyone).

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> Which leads me to my next point: Starting early means you have more choice. What does this mean? Well, starting early means that you have plenty of time to browse different stores for the same item. Doing so can allow you to compare prices, see what discounts are offered, if any, and investigate shipping costs. Not only does this create a (hopefully) more educated decision, but it most definitely can keep you from overpaying for items and overspending in general.

how do you shop smart for the holidays?


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