My Essential Office Supplies

My Essential Office Supplies

i love office supplies. really, really love office supplies. that being said, i don’t hoard obscene amounts of supplies i will not use – i only hoard keep the supplies that are my favorites and most used. here are the office supplies i would be absolutely lost without. (p.s. is anyone freaking out about how quickly finals season is approaching? Eek!)

> Post It Notes If I could pick only one office supply item to have for the rest of my life, I’m fairly confident I’d select Post Its. As someone who constantly makes lists, has random brain blasts and tends to be forgetful, Post Its are my perfect solution for staying organized. I use Post Its to remind me of things I’ll probably forget (making a doctor’s appointment, something that’s due in a couple of weeks, etc.), to keep track of my blog- and school-related brain blasts and to help ensure I’ve completed  each smaller task in a larger assignment. Basically… I use them for everything!

> Pilot G-2 05 Pens I’ve never been a picky pen person and always rolled my eyes at those people who would only use particular types of pens. Well, now that I am one of those people, I see what they’re talking about. These Pilot pens come in a click-pen format and don’t have a ballpoint. When writing with these pens, for lack of better words, it looks inky and dark.It reminds me of the pens teachers and journalists would use in older movies. I like using these pens for taking notes in class and writing in my planner because, even in my laziest of handwriting, I can clearly read what I wrote .

(More on the blog: Weekly Round Up 11/23/15)

>A Good Planner Since investing in an Erin Condren planner (read my review here!), I have come to enjoy and need a paper space to write down my schedule. This has become especially true these last few busy weeks while trying to make sure I didn’t over schedule myself (and for the most part, I’ve succeeded there.) Over this semester, it has really become invaluable for me to have a physical space for all of my thoughts – helps me clear out my brain a little bit. That being said, for as much as I’ve enjoyed using my Erin Condren planner, I’ve decided to buy a different format of calendar for the New Year – The Purposeful Planner. Once it arrives (I’m hoping it ships today) and I’ve been able to use it for a few months, I’ll be sure to let you all know how i feel about it!

If you love school supplies as much as I do, then you also know how expensive they can be. Check out my post on where/how to get inexpensive office supplies

What office supplies are essential in your backpack/on your desk?







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