Movie Night Essentials

Movie Night Essentials

The winter season has hit the midwest this weekend – we’ve gotten our first measurable snowfall. As beautiful as i find the shapes of falling snowflakes, I like to observe this beauty from indoors. Movie nights are necessary and frequent occurrences for me in the wintertime. My wintertime movie nights wouldn’t be complete without a few odds and ends. Without further ado, here are my movie night essentials:

A cozy blanket – A no-brainer, am i right?

> A yummy-smelling candle A comforting smelling candle helps create a cozy atmosphere especially during the colder months. Lately, I’ve been burning the Christmas Cookie candle from Yankee Candle – a sweet birthday gift from Tucker’s little sister, Bleu!

> Beverage (or in my case, beverages, one hot and one cold, usually) of choice I’m one of those people whose body temperature changes drastically, based on what I’m drinking. Whenever I’m watching a movie (aka I don’t plan on getting up for a while) I try to have one cold and one warm beverage so that I can stay comfortable and “hydrated.” I’m a big fan of herbal tea, white wine, hot cocoa and good ole h2o.

(More on the blog: Perfect Movies for a Date Night at Home)

> Christmas lights The twinkle of the hanging christmas lights when the rest of the lights are off complete the movie night atmosphere.

> (Sometimes) Snacks Sometimes I have snacks while watching a movie. I say sometimes because usually my snack food of choice is something salty, which usually comes in the form of crunchy chips or pretzels aka noise makers. Eating noisy food while watching a movie, especially if you’ve never seen it before, can be quite distracting so I try to avoid it (unless it’s popcorn – I could eat popcorn forever).

what are you movie night essentials? 






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