Weekly Round Up 11/23/15

Weekly RoundUp 11.23

feels like it’s been a while since we’ve had a weekly round up, right? this weekly round up will cover the last two weeks of posts on My Little Box of Tricks as well as links I’ve enjoyed from all over the web-iverse. enjoy :)


Last (two) week’s posts

How to Make Leftovers as Good as New

Fearless Friday Spotlight on Endless Bliss Blog

How to Speak Publicly

My Essential Office Supplies

Movie Night Essentials


Favorite Movie (as of lately): Big Fish

Favorite Food: Roasted brussel sprouts

Favorite Song: Anything by T-Swift


Links I’m Loving

As a lover of the holiday season, this is an accurate depiction of how I’m feeling. Please turn on your sound for the full effect.

Can you believe Toy Story just turned 20? Here’s what else was going on in pop culture twenty years ago.

What type of Target Shopper are you? Let a slightly intoxicated Helene help you decide.

Some of these cocktails from around the world sound yummy while others sound… interesting. Have you tried any of them?

The easiest way to make a button for your blog!

Wishing everyone a marvelous week and a very happy thanksgiving (if you celebrate)!

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