Weekly Round Up 11/30/15

Round Up 1130

Oh hey there! How was your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate? My week was filled with a movie nights with my mom, cappuccino making experiments with my dad and tons of laughter. My computer does seem to be super compatible with the wifi at my parents’ house, which led to my unexpected hiatus last week. That being said, I’m ready to finish out the year strong in all aspects of my life and I hope you are too!

Without further ado, here’s the weekly round up:

Favorite Food: Pad Thai (Shout out to my sister for eating my leftovers… It’s not like I wanted to them or anything ;) )

Favorite Song: Wildest Dream by T-Swizzle

Favorite Holiday Purchase: This pre-lit Christmas tree from Target. Decorations not included

Favorite Links

Ava is always my spirit toddler, however I especially embody her while she discusses her feelings about the holidays.

This awesome (and incredibly inexpensive) makeup brush kit on Amazon (you know… apparently, the only place I shop).

Apparently, Adam Levine can’t be married because it would break little Mila’s heart.

Ever wonder what George W. Bush would look like with corn rows? Let me help you visualize that.

Super late to jump on the Ebates band wagon, but it’s freakin’ fantastic. Cash back aside, they make coupon code-hunting SO much easier. Sign up using my referral link here!




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