Final Prep 101: The Essential Supplies

Final Prep 101, Supplies

My first finals take place one week from this Friday. I can’t believe it’s already that time of year – holy cow time flies! Unfortunately, sheer disbelief doesn’t prevent finals week from arriving. The easiest way for me to ease into the realization that finals prep is inevitable is making sure I have all of the necessary tools and supplies. After you read my list of essential supplies let me know down in the comments what you can’t survive finals without!

> Index cards Don’t let anyone ever tell you that making flashcards is childish! I’ve found studying with flashcards to be one of the most effective means to learn mass amounts of vocabulary and concepts for all types of subjects (I’m looking at you, psychology).

> To-do List It feels like every scrap of paper that comes through my fingers contains some kind of list. While I’m studying, I like to keep a list of everything that I need to study and also blank paper for the thoughts that pop up in my head while I’m studying. Doing so, lets me keep my mind (relatively) clear of distractions.

> Different Colored Pens After I’ve made my study guide/printed classroom notes, I use different colored pens to add additional notes and tidbits I remember from class in the margins. For me, the different colored ink creates a distinction between the black typeface of my notes and the new information, which makes me more likely to read everything on the page.

> Water Being thirsty while attempting to study for anything is a recipe for procrastination. Drinking water while studying will keep you hydrated and focused (and also provide necessary study breaks aka trips to the bathroom). It can be easy to resort to sugary coffee drinks and energy drinks while studying – they’re “supposed” to keep you awake and focused. Turns out, all of the sugar and calories can make you feel lethargic, unmotivated and down-right sleepy. Stick to mostly water and you’ll be golden!

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What are your essential study supplies?



40 thoughts on “Final Prep 101: The Essential Supplies

  1. Ally at Preppy Little Lesbian says:

    I make flashcard for everything! I don’t think I will stop as long as I’m in school! And I always study with water because I tend to get so thirsty!

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