Weekly Round Up: 01/04/2015


Happy New Year, friends! I hope you are all as excited about what is to come as I am. What’s to come, you may ask? WHO KNOWS! That’s the beauty of it, I like to think. Wishing you all an adventurous, laughter-filled and joyous 2016! Here’s this week’s round up.

Favorite Food: Sautéed kale with cumin and chopped garlic

Favorite Celebrity Couple: Kendall Jenner + Harry Styles (I heart her)

Favorite Clothing Item: Columbia women’s crew sock (they’re on sale!)


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Reflecting on 2015


Favorite Links of the Week

23 Mental Health Resolutions Everyone Could Use

This suit needs to turn into pajamas, completed with slippers that look like loafers. 

75 Most Iconic Things Britney Spears Did in 2015

The Secret to Success in Two Words 


On another note, I’m on the hunt for a new show to watch on Netflix. Any suggestions?

Happy New Year!



35 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up: 01/04/2015

  1. Ruya says:

    I still haven’t tried kale (doesn’t look that appealing to me) but everyone always raves about it, so I might have to try it soon.


  2. allisonbigoness says:

    Definitely watch Daredevil on Netflix if you have not already!! So good and the second season is coming out in the spring.

  3. Amanda Cross says:

    Master of None is a show that I recently watched and breezed through. So good! I also really loved watching. Also Netflix is making a Degrassi show that comes out on January 15th that I am kinda excited to binge-watch as I used to love that show as a teenager!

  4. Ally at Preppy Little Lesbian says:

    Definitely saving the mental health resolutions! Improving my mental health is definitely one of my goals!

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