Weekly Round Up: 01/11/16


 Can you believe we’re already two full weeks into January? Time flies when you’re productive and having fun. I hope everyone has embraced the New Year and its endless possibilities. Here is this week’s round up:

Most used item: Purposeful Planner

Most excitable (for me) piece of information: MILEY CYRUS AND LIAM HEMSWORTH!!!!!!!! That is all.

Favorite episode of Friends: The one where Joey learns French.


Last Week’s Posts

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Favorite Links of the Week

Heading into 2016, there’s a pressure to have your life together to start off the New Year “fresh.” Caroline from the Caro Diaries explains why she’s enjoying not having her shit together.

22 Deep Questions to Ponder in 2016 (You’ll be surprised how much some of them will make you think.)

It’s okay to make “selfish” resolutions for the New Year. Here are 7 “selfish” resolutions you need to make for 2016. 

10 Tips for New Bloggers that are a good refresher and remainder for all bloggers.

Sandra Bullock’s People’s Choice Awards acceptance speech was nothing shy of beautiful, genuine and clever.

Want to utilize Snapchat to promote your blog? Check out these tips from Seersucker Sass. 

Want to document your travels, but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 tips for keeping great travel journals. 


20 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up: 01/11/16

  1. allisonbigoness says:

    The 10 resources for bloggers and 7 selfish resolutions posts sound really interesting!!! Definitely putting that on my to do list to read later.

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