Weekly Round Up 1/25/16

RoundUp 1.25

Happy snowy Monday to you all! I’ve officially survived my first week of the spring semester and I’m really looking forward to all of my classes (for once!). I hope you all are managing to find something to smile about today, even if it’s something little. Here’s this week’s round up:

New Netflix Binge: Chuck

Favorite Class (so far): Consumer Insights

New iPhone Game: Stop (I don’t know how to describe it other than very fun and competitive)


Last Week’s Posts

Weekly Round Up 1/18/16

101 in 1001 Check-In #1

Guest Post: Ways to Put Yourself on Your Priority List


Favorite Links of the Week

Does anyone love how Annaliese styled this suede skirt as much as I do? Probably not.

25 Times the Actors From Harry Potter Forgot They Were Supposed to be Distinguished Wizards

Gina Alyse shares why she thinks everyone should do some freelance work.

Anyone else disappointed that the Friends “reunion” isn’t going to really be a reunion?

Think you can’t teach yourself to become a morning person? Think again using Cristina’s tips!

Canada is waiving the fees for entrance to their national parks in 2017! If you haven’t ever been before, now (well… 2017) is the time to go!


26 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up 1/25/16

  1. allisonbigoness says:

    Wait!!!! The friends reunion isn’t really going to be a friends reunion?!?! Um reading about this now, not ok!

    • Jayna says:

      Ah bon?! Quoi que… Je veux bien croire qu’avec 2 ou 3 kg de plus, ce soit un peu dur pour les épaules. Rien ne remplace l&h;cuoséqrarpe pour la répartition du poids mais bon… ça prend plus de place dans mon sac ! faudra quand même que je teste manduca et boba à l’occasion

    • Emily says:

      What an exciting time for these families and for you Sara! You are using your talents in such a special way. I ca27&8n1#;t wait to see some of these new projects! A picture paints a thousand words!

  2. http://baufinanzierung.pw/ says:

    : et pourquoi ca serait une connerie?… si on regarde l’anatomie, c’est plus qu’envisageable(cela dit, c’est pas pour ça que c’est inutile, entendons-nous bien ;))@intelligent design : “Mais personne n’a encore *vu* l’évolution” -> Si d'abord, si d'abord!(je passe les détails, mais on a mis en évidence l’adaptation d’un poisson a son milieu dans lequel il a développe des défense contre un parasite qui développe des taches noires sur ledit poisson. On en parle dans un reportage qui s’appelle “le sexe, pour quoi faire?”)

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