How to Organize Your Purse

How to Organize Your Purse

As I’ve gotten older, I have really come to appreciate living an organized life. I love my new planner and having an organized computer, but an area that often gets overlooked is a woman’s handbag. How many times have you been standing at the register looking for a pen or cash or a piece of gum for far too long only to realize, minutes later, that you were holding up the line? Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. I now take care in making sure my purse is also organized to avoid more situations like the one described above. Here are my tips for keeping your bag organized.

> Utilize the features of the purse. While this may seem weirdly obvious, the fine print of this recommendation reads “Use the features of this bag practically for how you live.” For example, my purse has two cell phone pouches inside of the bag, but those hold a mirror and lip stick and a few pens. Since I use my cell phone often and need to hear the ringer when it rings, I put my phone in one of the zipped pockets on the outside of the bag. Before you go out and buy a punch of cute, but maybe unnecessary pouches to organize your bag, utilize the pockets, pouches and dividers that your bag comes with in a way that is best suited for how you live life.

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> That being said, organize “extra” items in pouches. For the items I don’t reach for every day, but like to have with me at all times (DayQuil pills, extra hair ties, Advil, etc.) I keep them grouped together in a pouch. I also keep feminine products in their own separate pouch that can easily be moved from purse to backpack. Whatever extra items you need, group as many of them together (that make sense to be together) as you can. I bought my pouches in a set of three from Francesca’s, but you can also find inexpensive pouches, in a variety of sizes and designs at Target.

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> Find your “right” wallet. I received my “big girl” wallet from Tucker for Christmas and boy, does he know me well. This wallet (similar wallet here) has enough slots for my debit card, ID’s, and rewards cards all to be visible as soon as I open it. Before, I had to fumble through a huge stack of receipts, cards and random scraps of paper in my wristlet in order to find what I needed. If you think you need a similar style wallet or a wristlet or even just a card holder – whatever your needs be – get it. You will be insanely surprised by how much more organized and “together” you will feel just be having an organized wallet.

How do you organize your purse?



















13 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Purse

  1. Rittz says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post, I personally like keeping everything neat in my bag so I enjoy reading how other people do the same and if they have better methods that I can incorporate :) thanks for sharing!

    Much love Rx |

  2. Nicole says:

    I look like a crazy person, because I carry around at least 3 pouches in my purse. Each has different items and are organized, but I love them! Great tips on keeping purses organized. Lord knows it’s one of the messiest places for me.

    Nicole //

  3. Kayla Blogs (@kaylavblogs) says:

    I love the zip wallets like you have linked! I use a really small vera bradley zipper pouch right now because it’s easy to carry around campus but once I graduate I want to invest in a big girl wallet! I bought my first big girl purse over the summer but I hardly keep enough things in it to begin with… I’d basically be organizing nothing haha. I’m so terrified of this purse getting messed up so I don’t put anything more than necessary in it!

    Kayla |

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