Weekly Round Up 2/15/16 – Saving Cents Week

Saving Cents Week

Welcome to Saving Cents Week! This week’s posts will be centered around different ways you can save a few bucks and think smarter about your money. I’m by no-means an expert on this subject, but it’s one of my favorites to learn about. Today I’ll be sharing with you the resources that I’ve found most useful from around the web. If you’ve found any online resources (or books!) useful, leave a link to them in the comments – I’d love to check them out as well!

What I’m Saving Up For: $1,000 Emergency Fund

Favorite Financial Blog: FinanceGirl

Favorite Money-Saving Hack: DIY Latte at Starbucks, getting two shots of espresso in a grande cup and filling it up with skim milk either at home or at the coffee bar.


Last Week’s Posts

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Favorite Financial Links

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Coupons via Keeping Life Sane

The Best Ways to Save Money in Your Twenties via HeleneinBetween

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Buying a Car via FinanceGirl

How to Stick to a Budget: Money Management for Beginners via HubPages

Tax Time Tips for Bloggers via Alicia Tenise

25 Ways to Save By Not Being Normal via SeedTime

The Top 5 Personal Finance Books You Should Read in Your Twenties via FinanceGirl

How to Budget When Paychecks are Inconsistent via First Home Love Life

What are you favorite personal finance-related resources? Follow along with my Real Life board on Pinterest to see what other resources I find!


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