Money-Saving Smart Phone Apps

Smart phone Apps that Can Save You Money

Smart phones are notorious for having the capability to connect millions of people over the Internet, through a variety of applications. These days, it’s easy to forget that those things we always seem to have our hands on can be useful tools rather than distractions. There are many smart phone applications that are dedicated entirely to saving you money (holy crap, isn’t that cool!?). Here are my favorite money-saving apps that I think you need to download ASAP.

> Cartwheel by Target. Definitely my most used money-saving application and with good reason – I always seem to find my way to Target. This app provides a percent off of various products in Target stores. You can add up 14-20 offers (depending on how many you “unlock” – the more you use the app, the more offers you can unlock at once) to your cartwheel to use as you please. One great thing about this app is that there is always a variety of items available for discount and there are new items added every week. An important note about using this app is that while you can remember 14-20 offers at once, you can only use 4 offers per transaction.

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>Ibotta is a recent discovery for me, but I have quickly reaped the benefits of this app. Similarly to the Cartwheel app, Ibotta allows you to redeem offers for cash back on certain items. My favorite feature of this app (other than the cash back feature) is that some offers are brand and/or store specific, while others are for any brand of one type of product and can be redeemed at any store. We’re also not talking about pennies in cash back – most if not all offers are for at least $0.50 – $3.00. Once you get to $20.00 in redeemed offers, you can either receive cash back via PayPal or in the form of an electronic gift card to stores such as Amazon and Starbucks. Use my referral code when downloading the app and you’ll receive $10 once you redeem your first offer! My code is: koaxjro.

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> Store – Specific Apps. Many stores now offer extra rewards if you download their app and use it while you shop. Victoria’s Secret PINK and Kohl’s are two that I’ve had a good experience with in the past. The PINK app offers extra coupons and access to freebies if you come in store and show them your app. The Kohl’s app allows you to hook up your rewards card and easily apply your Kohl’s cash and any in-store coupons. If you are a frequent shopper at any store that offers an app, I highly recommend you download it and see what offers are made available to you. If you find that there isn’t really a benefit to downloading the app, of course delete it, but at least you can say you gave it a try.

What money-saving apps do you use on your phone? 

22 thoughts on “Money-Saving Smart Phone Apps

  1. angelmerisa23 says:

    I love Cartwheel! I use ShopKick to earn gift cards too. It’s totally easy, you earn points every time you walk in a store with your phone then you can scan products while you’re shopping to earn points too. I’ve gotten countless Target gift cards and working my way up to a Sephora card now. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias

  2. allisonbigoness says:

    That’s great that they have money saving apps. I mean I guess that makes sense, there really is an app for everything.

  3. Sockwun says:

    I use an app similar to Ibotta (Checkout 51), and it’s great! I might have to check out (haha) Ibotta to see if I can use it on top of it.

    Sockwun |

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