Financial Tips From Some of Your Favorite Bloggers

More Financial Tips

Want to know how some of your favorite bloggers save a few cents here and there? I’ve done the dirty work for you and collected their tips. What helpful personal finance tips have you picked up? Let me know in the comments below!

“I almost never buy anything full price! Usually, if there’s something I want, I wait until there’s a storewide sale or the product itself goes on sale. Even if it’s only $10 dollars, I won’t buy it without a sale. Also, whenever I go shopping, I only take the amount of money that I want to spend with me. That way I don’t go overboard and end up spending triple what I wanted to.” – Brooke of Live the Prep Life

“Save a little everyday, even if it’s just a couple coins. By the end of the year, you will have a nice little pile of cash!” – Hope of the Young Hopeful 

(More on the blog: Weekly Round Up 2/15/2016 – Financial Resources)

“If I’m headed to the mall or something I’ll scroll through my inbox before and look for coupons from store emails and screenshot them so I don’t have to worry if my phone loses service. I also take advantage of reward programs. You can rack up coupons through Ulta’s program & get amazing samples from Sephora among others. My wallet also has lots of little slots and zipper pouches so if I’m paying cash I’ll separate my money into the compartments by how much I want to spend at each store and try to stick to that, but that doesn’t always work.” – Merisa of Monogrammed Magnolias 

“I don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. I see if it actually has a place in my life and if it’s something I really want or need. This, along with buying clothes that only fit me perfectly, has saved me so much money this past semester. Also, I’ve been able to buy myself one nicer thing that will last longer instead of a bunch of really cheap things.” – Shaguna of Gold & Hearts 

(More on the blog: Money-Saving Smart Phone Apps)

“Figure out how you can save money on necessities. Obviously, you need things like razors or toothpaste but you can save money by buying a men’s razor (they’re always cheaper for some crazy reason!) or buying the generic toothpaste instead of brand name.” – Emily of Honeybee Joyous

What little tricks have saved you serious cash over the years?




11 thoughts on “Financial Tips From Some of Your Favorite Bloggers

  1. Cherie Jamison says:

    Love this! I really need to start being more mindful of what I buy when I go to the grocery store. I tend to throw things in the cart without looking at the price and I’m sure I could save a lot if I shopped the sales more!

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