5 Things Worth Making at Home

Espresso Shot

How many times have you strolled through the aisles at the grocery store and picked up a box of Kraft mac and cheese? Frozen pizza? Baked goods? I know that I’m guilty of succumbing to these convenient items, but I’ve learned that brands and stores hike up the prices of these items purely because of their convenience to consumers. They’ve quickly learned that consumers will pay, often times, astronomical prices for products that save a few minutes. In line with Saving Cents Week, I’ve compiled a list of (mostly food) items that I make at home to save serious cash in the long run.

> Pizza If you eat as much pizza as my boyfriend and I do (it’s shameful, really) than you know that the frozen variety and take-out add up incredibly quickly. I recently found a killer recipe for pizza dough that has become my go-to. This recipe makes enough dough for 4 medium-sized pizzas.

> Cookies & Baked Goods For as delicious as all baked goods are, they get incredibly expensive way too quickly. My least favorite part about buying baked goods from the bakery at my grocery store is how little you get your your dollar. While I’m all for using cake mix and other store-bought ingredients to help make your sweet masterpiece, I’ve found that it’s much more cost-effective (and delicious) to make these sweets at home (Check out my recipes for Chocolate Banana Muffins and Heart-Shaped Chocolate Cake with Strawberries)

> Makeup Brush Cleaner In stores, makeup brush cleaner can range in price from $6-$50+ for one bottle (sizes vary immensely). For as seldom as I have worn makeup this last year, I can’t justify spending extra money on makeup cleaning products. I combine dish soap and olive oil to create the perfect cleanser. Check out my full post on how I clean my makeup brushes. 

> Fried Pickles I love fried pickles so much it’s almost shameful. Almost. If you order these puppies at a restaurant, they’ll run about $8-$12 for an often times skimpy portion. Ever since I’ve discovered deep frying foods at home, I’ve been working to perfect my dredge for my own recipe. When pickles cost around $3.00 a jar, I can’t afford not to experiment. I’ve finally perfected my recipe – look out for it on the blog in March!

> Drinking Water Yes, I know you can’t make water. What I mean is you can “make” your own drinking water as opposed to buying bottle water. I bought this Brita pitcher for Tuck and I and it’s already saved us a boat-load of money because we didn’t have to buy disposable, plastic water bottles.

 What products do you make in lieu of purchasing at the store?

14 thoughts on “5 Things Worth Making at Home

  1. Pick Your Beau says:

    I’m big into using my own (reusable) water bottles over buying plastic bottles at the store, it’s seriously such a waste of money! I always make a point to make my own salads for lunch, it’s super quick and easy to do and will save you the $7 once lunch time rolls around.

    Pick Your Beau

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