5 Money-Saving Shopping Websites


I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think shopping was an essential part of life. Now, I don’t recommend heading out to the mall and blowing last week’s paycheck on a new pair of shoes if you still need to pay rent. But I do think that treating yourself every now and then is more than acceptable, especially if you shop smart. Here are the shopping websites that I frequent the most and help save me serious cash!

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> Ebates*  I’m super late to the Ebates party, but it’s quickly become an essential stop on any online-shopping venture. If you haven’t heard of Ebates before, it’s a website that offers a percentage back of your purchase from their HUGE selection of online retailers. When I say huge I really mean enormous. From Sephora to Kohl’s to Armani, they’ve got a selection of stores like no other. I’ve downloaded the Ebates plug-in for Safari so that when i visit a website, I’ll get immediately notified whether or not I can receive cash back.

> Hautelook*/Zulily* The reason I combined both of these two websites is because they are incredibly similar in terms of function. Both websites serve as hosts for flash sales for various brands. I’ve found that Hautelook usually has “better,” more upscale brands like Frye, UGG, BECCA cosmetics, etc. That’s not to say that Zulily doesn’t offer great brands – I’ve found that they are not as well-known.

> 6pm.com is another recent discovery, but Tuck and his family have been using them for a while. 6pm sells brand name shoes and clothing at (sometimes insanely) discounted rates. My favorite deal as of lately is this one – 46% off a gorgeous pair of Frye boots. I highly, highly recommend browsing this website first before you make a shoe purchase elsewhere.

> Overstock Remember those O-O-Overstock dot com commercials from Christmastime a few years back? I’m talking about the same website. For as cheesy as those commercials were, Overstock has great deals on larger items like furniture, rugs, and jewelry. That being said, everything on their website is discounted (and you receive 2% cash back with Ebates) and they have many attractive name brand products of great quality.

> Amazon Y’all already know how much I love Amazon. I shop on Amazon for school supplies, skin care products, textbooks, basically everything. If you’re a student (with an email address that ends in -edu) and are a frequent Amazon shopper, I highly recommend signing up for Amazon Prime Student. You get a 6-month free trial and a discounted price on purchasing Amazon Prime (half-off, y’all!).

Where do you shop online that saves you a few bucks?














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