Weekly Round Up 2/22/2016


Even though Saving Cents Week had to come to an end, the blogging every day in February continues! Here is a round up of my favorite online reads this last week and all of the posts from Saving Cents Week to help you get caught up!

How I’m feeling: Perpetually exhausted

Favorite New Show: All-Star Academy

I’m Hoping For: No snow this week (we’re projected to get WAY too much snow)

Last Week’s Posts

Weekly Round Up 2/15/16 – Saving Cents Week

Money-Saving Smart Phone Apps

3 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Spending Money

Financial Tips From Some of Your Favorite Bloggers

5 Things Worth Making at Home

5 Money-Saving Shopping Websites

5 Completely Free Resources That Get Forgotten


Favorite Links of the Week

If you’re trying to save up, check out this post about out this blogger and her husband saved $45,000 in just 6 months from Helene of HeleneinBetween.  

How adorable is this head-to-toe champagne ensemble from Courtney of Champagne & City Lights ?

Feel like this semester is taking a toll on you? Here are 9 ways to relax and regain energy via Gina of GinaAlyse. 

I have separate social media accounts for my personal life and my blog. Kayla of Kayla Blogs explains why many bloggers choose to keep things separate. 

Having good time management skills is incredibly important when making your way through college. Erica of Coming Up Roses shares her 8 tips for for time management in college. 

I love how cozy this sweater looks via Annaliese of Southern Belle in Training

Think you need a professional camera to take blog-worthy photos? Think again! Mandy of A Girl, Obsessed shares her tips for taking blog-worthy photos on your phone.

In a very thought-provoking post, Jordyn of The Fairy Princess Diaries explains the difference between knock-offs and counterfeiting, then explains why this difference matters. 

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